Company Policy

We dedicate ourselves to pouring our energies into further efforts, and we sincerely appreciate your ongoing cooperation and support to our business.


We develop the most advanced devices which provide new values and make the world filled with excitement and ultimate impression.


We, as passionate individuals, together with our customers and partners, create displays which project various “Worlds” ”Limitlessly” and expand business sustainably.

Behavioral Guidelines


●We have a spirit to think by ourselves, act by ourselves, and take our own responsibilities.
●Each of us, being confident of self-control, contribute to the sustainable business expansion.

Mutual Respect

●We respect the diversity and maximize its strength.
●We always interact with open mind and on a straight forward basis.

Challenging Mindset and Persistence

●”Challenge first!”, and always think of“What could I do now?”
●”Never give up!”, and have guts to achieve the goals.

Marketing Perspective

●Each of us anticipate the market needs down to the end-users, and have a spirit to create a new market by ourselves through series of new ideas.
●We make decisions and act quickly at the most appropriate timing.


●We sincerely observe laws and regulations, social norms and ethics.

JOLED Quality Policy


JOLED put top priority on quality as its basic philosophy, through best people and technological capabilities, and will continue to provide new value, products and services based on customer’s perspective.

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