Message from President

I am Tadashi Ishibashi, and I assumed the position of company president on June 25. Thank you for your understanding and support for JOLED’s management philosophy, research and development activities and business promotion.
Since JOLED’s establishment in 2015, we have continued developing OLED with RGB printing method, and at the end of 2017 we realized our long-sought first product shipment. From now, we are finally accelerating our business and moving forward.

JOLED will be establishing JOLED Nomi Site in Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture on July 1, for the mass production of printed OLED displays. It will be the world’s first mass production plant for printed OLED, and JOLED aims to commence production in 2020.
At the Nomi Site, we will be producing mid-size (10- to 30-inch) printed OLED displays that make use of OLED’s characteristics of high image quality, high definition, ultra-thin profile, and light weight, and we are creating a mid-sized OLED market within the existing OLED market which is currently generally limited to small and large sizes.
By leveraging our printing method that can be easily applied to producing screens of diverse sizes, we are continuously working vigorously toward realizing technology licensing business for large-sized display production. We aim to broadly spread this printing method as a de facto standard for OLED display production.
Furthermore, to become a panel manufacturer that is more than just a panel manufacturer, we are also beginning to construct a new solution business that responds to customer needs.

Our mission at JOLED is to realize a world filled with excitement and emotion through our cutting-edge devices. With products that people always want to carry, experience, wear, and more, we offer “new experiences that strike a chord.” By doing this, can we perhaps enrich spirits, provide convenience, and improve lifestyles? And can we even make a small contribution to enriching people’s lives? We will continue taking on new challenges to achieve this “innovation”.

I would like to ask for your kind and continuous support.

Representative Director and President, JOLED Inc. Tadashi Ishibashi

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