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The contents of this website is provided by JOLED Inc.(hereinafter referred to “we/us”) otherwise its agent. You may use this site under the provision that you have read and agree to abide by the terms and conditions described below. All users who access this website accept the terms and conditions.
We reserve our right to modify the terms and conditions without any prior notice; therefore, we advise users to check the latest terms and conditions, for any changes.


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Except for your personal use and legally accepted use, you must not copy, republish or disseminate any part of or the whole contents of this website in any form or medium, without advance written permission from us.


We monitor information on this website; however, we do not guarantee reliability and validity of the contents, whether it conforms to your objectives, and security. We may change the information on the website without any prior notice. We may also suspend or stop our service anytime.

Prohibited Activities

The following activities are prohibited in the use of this website
  • Activities that would and may infringe a third party’s or our property or privacy
  • Activities that would or may cause loss or damage to a third party or us
  • Defamation of a third party or us
  • Activities that would or may offend public order and morals
  • Any criminal activities and other activities that would or may lead to crimes
  • False declaration or notification such as registering false e-mail address
  • Business operation or profitable activities and preparatory activities for such objectives
  • Use or offer of harmful programs such as computer viruses
  • Activities that would and may violate laws and acts/statues
  • Any other activities that we consider inappropriate

Link to the Website

Linking to this website is not allowed without advance written permission from us. To establish a link to this website, please contact “JOLED Inc. Administrative Department (+81-3-5280-1600)” with the URL to be linked and the URL you wish to link on our website attached. When linking the URL, please start from and clarify that “JOLED Inc.” provides this site.
In addition, we may reject your offer for a link if we determine that your site is not appropriate to link with our website.

Website of third parties (thereinafter referred to “link site”) linked from and to this website are managed by each of the third parties and not managed under our control. Please use those link sites under their own policies.
We do not endorse products, services, and companies on the linked sites, and any link does not imply any special relationship, such as affiliation between the linked sites and us.
Please be aware, that we are not responsible for contents of any such linked sites and any damages caused by using those linked sites.

Exemption Clause

You are responsible for the use of this website.
We are not responsible for any direct and indirect loss or damages that are caused by a use of this website.

Applicable Laws and Court of Competent Jurisdiction

Use of this website and interpretation and application of the terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Japan unless otherwise specified.
All the disputes arising from the use of this website shall be brought to the Tokyo District Court under the exclusive jurisdiction for a first trial unless otherwise specified.

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