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JOLED Exhibit at Finetech Japan 2018 Introduce Exciting World with OLED Through Demonstrations of Various Applications

JOLED Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & President: Tadashi Ishibashi), which develops, manufactures, and sells organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays, will exhibit at “Finetech Japan 2018” – the 28th LCD, OLED, Sensor Technology Expo, which will be held from Wednesday, December 5 through Friday, December 7, 2018 at Makuhari Messe, Japan.

JOLED will propose exciting world with OLED through demonstrations of various applications such as automotive or esports, for which the characteristics of OLED is suitable. JOLED will also introduce its proprietary printed OLED manufacturing technology that brings innovation to the display market.

Items to be exhibited

1.Automotive display (12.3-inch HD OLED, 12.2-inch FHD Flexible OLED) (Prototype)
OLED, with high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle, assures high visibility and fast response, and makes it easy to check information during driving. Also the curved display contributes to realize the most advanced car interior space.

2.esports Monitor (21.6-inch FHD OLED) (Prototype)
JOLED works together with Burning Core to develop OLED displays optimal for esports use. OLED enables immersive gaming experience with high visual qualities and smooth motions. At the booth, online game “League of Legends” can be test-played.

3.Home Display (27-inch 4K OLED) (Prototype)
JOLED developed a prototype wall-hanging display to enjoy realistic 4K scenery, with newly developed 27-inch OLED. Various ways of use are possible, such as smart display that works with smart speaker, or IoT display to check information of smart home functions.

4.Column Display (21.6-inch 4K Flexible OLED) (Prototype)
A unique column style display is developed with flexible display using plastic substrate.

5.Train/Metro Display (21.6-inch 4K Flexible OLED) (Prototype)
If OLED is used for train/metro display, curved display enables to use space more effectively, and a beautiful and easy to watch information display will be realized with OLED’s high visual quality and wide viewing angle. If used for digital signage, dynamic and appealing ad visuals can be displayed.

6.Medical Monitor (21.6-inch 4K OLED) (Product)
JOLED commercialized its first OLED in December 2017 and started shipment for medical monitors. Medical is a suitable application for OLED with its high contrast of white/dark and delicate darkness/brightness expressions.

7.ASUS ProArt PQ22UC Professional OLED Monitor (Soon will be released)
ASUS professional 4K monitor using JOLED display panel will be demonstrated. (Kindly contact ASUS Japan for official release information)

8.55-inch 4K OLED (Reference exhibit)
JOLED promotes licensing of manufacturing technologies of large-sized printed OLED. JOLED will exhibit a large-sized, 55-inch 4K OLED display to showcase that the printing technology is suitable not only for middle sizes but also for large sizes.

*Exhibit items are subject to change.

“Finetech Japan 2018” Overview

Event title : “Finetech Japan 2018” – the 28th LCD, OLED, Sensor Technology Expo
Dates : Wednesday, December 5 through Friday, December 7, 2018
Venue : Makuhari Messe, Japan
Organized by : Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.
How to visit : Request visitor ticket online (Free) *Without visitor ticket, entrance fee will be needed.
For details :
JOLED booth : Booth 11-2, Hall2, OLED zone

JOLED Speakers’ Conferences

Title : JOLED’s Printing OLED Manufacturing Technology and Challenges for Future
Speaker : Tadashi Ishibashi, Representative Director & President, JOLED
Date : Thursday, December 6 13:30 – 15:00 [FTJ-K2]

Title : Present and Future of Printed OLED
Speaker : Masanobu Tanaka, Dept. Manager, Development Dept. 2, Technology Development Div., JOLED
Date : Friday, December 7 9:30 – 10:20 [FTJ-14]


JOLED Inc. is headquartered in Tokyo and uses its Ishikawa, Kyoto, and Atsugi Technology Development Centers as bases to conduct research, development, manufacturing, and sales activities for OLED displays, their parts, materials, manufacturing equipment, and associated products. JOLED was founded in January 2015, combining the OLED display development divisions of Sony Corporation and Panasonic Corporation, with the goal of accelerating mass production development and commercialization of OLED displays.
In 2016, the company started up a pilot line, establishing a mass production technology and improving productivity. Later, in December 2017, JOLED began shipment of its first product, the 21.6-inch 4K OLED display. To further expand the business, in July 2018, JOLED established Nomi site in Nomi city, Ishikawa prefecture. Now the company started establishing the world’s first mass production line for printed OLED, aiming to commence mass production in 2020.

About printed OLED displays

OLEDs are self-illuminating devices that deliver superb picture quality with high contrast, high color reproducibility, and fast response rate. They also combine advantages such as an ultra-thin profile, light weight, and low power consumption. Due to these characteristics, OLEDs are gaining attention as next-generation display that will create new applications in a wide range of fields.
The printing method, which is one of the methods for manufacturing OLED displays, is a technology in which OLED materials are applied to the substrate through a printing technique to form an electroluminescent (EL) layer. Due to the simplicity of the production process, it is expected that this technology will be easily adaptable to OLED production in various screen sizes.

JOLED plans to popularize its printed OLED displays in the medium-sized OLED market in which the current mainstream chemical vapor deposition method is considered difficult to use. By leveraging its research and development capability for achieving the world’s first commercialization of printed OLED, JOLED is also aiming at popularizing its printed OLED manufacturing technology in the large-sized OLED market through licensing its manufacturing technology of printed OLED for large-sized TVs.

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