Printing OLED technology

An organic light-emitting diode (OLED) has superior features such as high color reproduction and high contrast ratio.

The conventional EL deposition technique is evaporation, and there are two kinds of technologies applied for the AM-OLED display production, however, there are some issues.
In the case of “Side-by-side” technology, three different light emitting layers are deposited side-by-side through a Mask.
The use of side-by-side discrete R, G, B emitters has the advantages of high power efficiency and wide color gamut, however, it requires large vacuum chambers for depositing three colors and three times of precise Mask alignment.
In addition, its extremely low material efficiency and the difficulty in depositing uniform thin films are the issues for production.
In the case of “White OLED” technology, only a white colored emitter is deposited without precise Mask alignment, and color is produced by color filter. This method has advantages of high productivity, however, its color reproductivity and low light utilization due to color filtering are the issues.

We have developed an RGB printing technology for the emitting layers. This technology realizes extremely high material efficiency, high light utilization, and uniform emitter patterning.
Moreover, low cost manufacturing is realized by the scalable, high productivity printing system. RGB emitters are all printed for the different panel sizes and resolutions by a single printing system, which enables printing under the atmospheric pressure without a vacuum chamber. It realizes to reduce the production lead time.

JOLED introduces competitive RGB printing technology into production, and is going to supply low cost, high performance AM-OLED displays into market.

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