Which models are commercialized?

Please refer to the product page.

How can I purchase OLED display?

We develop and manufacture OLED display panel module for corporate clients. Please contact us about our sales agent and distributor.

We cannot respond to request for purchase by retail consumers. Please contact brand manufacturers if you like to purchase monitor products with JOLED’s OLED display.

We are considering new product that employs OLED. Can we purchase sample OLED?

Please contact us.

Is it possible to make a customized OLED or co-develop a sample OLED?

Please contact us.

We would like to become a sales agent for JOLED.

Please contact us.

In what types of applications are JOLED’s OLED displays used?

JOLED’s OLED displays are used in various products listed below.
(Commercialized or under development)

・High-end monitors
・Medical monitors
・Automotive displays
・Display signage for transports and indoors

Do you manufacture TVs?

JOLED manufacture 10 to 32 inch OLED displays. We don’t manufacture large size OLED for TVs.

Is JOLED listed?

JOLED is unlisted company.

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